The 12 Most Popular Costumes This Year

You know that feeling when you come up with a genius Halloween costume—say, to be Sarah Palin carrying a moose head — and you are all excited about it? And then you walk into a party and see another Sarah Palin standing in the corner? Yeah, that totally sucks. So what costumes should you steadfastly avoid this year because they’re going to be that common? According to The Daily Beast, these are the 12 most popular costumes of the year.

  1. Lady Gaga. Only do this if you’re going to rock the meat dress.
  2. Snooki. Who is going as a sexy pickle herself.
  3. The Situation. With or without the abs.
  4. Pauly D. Are you noticing a trend here?
  5. Any character from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.”
  6. Steven Slater, the disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant. Make sure to bring a beer as a prop.
  7. Iron Man
  8. Anyone from “Avatar
  9. Edward Cullen and/or Bill Compton
  10. Super Mario Brothers
  11. Justin Bieber
  12. A character from “Toy Story 3″

Avoid those costumes and you will cut down significantly on “OMG, we’re in the same costume!” moments. You’re welcome.

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