Our “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Memories

Get ready to do the time warp again, because “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is having a real moment. Next Tuesday’s episode of “Glee” will be an homage to the ’70s rock opera that still plays at midnight showings all around the country. Rachel will of course channel Susan Sarandon as Janet. Finn will be her Brad and Kurt will be Riff Raff. Apparently, John Stamos was originally going to be Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but the network wasn’t so comfortable with him signing “Sweet Transvestite.” So Mercedes will do it instead. And that’s not all. Apparently, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy is in talks to direct a remake of the flick.

Since many members of The Frisky staff have fond “Rocky Horror” memories (will I ever forget the time my car broke down on the way home from a midnight screening and how awkward I felt talking to the tow truck driver while I was dressed as Columbia?), we thought we’d share them after the jump.

“I probably saw ‘Rocky Horror’ a couple dozen times in high school. I was so into it. My parents would allow me to go to midnight screenings way past my curfew. The thing is, most kids who also got to stay out to see ‘Rocky’ would then go and party instead of actually going to the movie. I would hear about this and think, ‘Losers.’ What else could they possibly be doing that’s more fun than this amazing rock musical about f***ing?” – John DeVore

“I remember going to a midnight screening with some friends when I was in college, at the theater in Harvard Square. (Yeah, no I didn’t go to Harvard.) And it was alarming to me that were rituals performed by the audience — there were a lot of sing-alongs and toilet paper was thrown — to go along with the movie. A regular sitting next to me let me know I was a ‘Rocky Horror virgin.'” – Joanne

“I think I watched ‘Rocky Horror’ for the first time when I was 16 years old with my (ahem) Wiccan friends. I also found out that it was also my dad’s favorite musical, which TOTALLY messed up everything I thought I knew about my dad. Then in college, I went to see my bestie perform in the live production and I was simultaneously freaked out and super excited about the whole thing. I have a weird crush on Tim Curry now.” – Olivia

“I used to go to ‘Rocky’ when I was, like, 15 or 16 and in my Goth period. I also frequented an underage ‘club’ called SOIL back then. Lots of Bauhaus.” – Amelia

“I also went every weekend when I was in my Goth phase and went to a Goth party after called ‘Leatherette,’ I think?” – Ami

“At a high school summer program, this guy gave me a mix tape copy of the soundtrack. We’ve been friends ever since. (I heart you, Spenny J!) I still can’t believe Meatloaf was in it, but gold shorts and thigh highs changed my life!” – Simcha

“My friends and I drove up to a midnight screening of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ my junior year of high school. I remember my older brother and my father flipping out over my outfit. My friend lent me a trashy short black dress covered in sequins, which I’m sure I paired with high heels. I was so pissed my brother was trying to be overprotective of me. Anyway, I misjudged the night — we went Sunday night, but we were supposed to go at midnight on Saturday — and my girl friend started yelling at me in the car. I ended up seeing the film for the first time just on the TV in sometimes rec room. Not very exciting.” – Jessica

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