Do You Have A Hate Crush On Any Of Your Female Friends?

Female friendships can be complex and more often than not, they are. We asked 15 women from across the country to answer a question that is getting more attention recently: Do you have a hate crush on any of your female friends? The answers may surprise you.

“I have a major hate crush with one of my best friends. We are great friends, but I hate that she has the perfect husband, a luxurious house, two beautiful kids, and the perfect job. I just can’t be happy for her, but I still love her as a friend.” — Katherine McKinney, Miami

“Oh yeah! I will not mention a name, but I have a friend who I hate and love. We literally insult each other one day and then go shopping the next. We have been doing this for 12 years.” –Annasophia Lange, Kansas City, MO

“We start rumors about each other, but are still sweet to each other’s face. We know we are both doing it, but neither of us seem to want to stop.” –Cynthia Dixon, Indianapolis, IN

“I have a major hate crush with my best friend. I cannot help but want to destroy her while helping her with things at the same time. It is like this unavoidable compulsion.” — Sarah Way, Ridgecrest, CA

“I have a hate crush with my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend who is also a good friend of mine. I created a fake Facebook account and added her as a friend to it. I did this because I hope to find dirt on her someday.” — Ainsley Pickering, Anchorage, AK

“My friend and I are constantly sabotaging each other. She tried to get my wedding canceled by acting like my wedding planner and calling the hotel and telling them my now husband and I had split up. I tried to break up her and her boyfriend by sending flowers and candy to his house for her under some guy’s name. We have done dozens of other things to each other, but are still friends.” — Pruitt Zaykoski, Parma, OH

“I never really thought about it until now, but I have a hate crush with a co-worker and friend. She always has the best clothes and is always hip to the latest trends. I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to be her and this just increases how much I resent her.” — Trisha Faulk, Phoenix City, AL

“My friend irritates me because she acts so perfect. I get so irritated that I imagine bad things happening to her and when I think about these things, it makes me happy. I find joy in imagining her losing her house, her job, and her boyfriend breaking up with her. Sometimes I like to come up with little plans to make these things happen.” — Vanessa Starkey, Hayden, AZ

“I often find myself plotting to outshine my friend. I want to beat her at everything, but not necessarily fairly. I do not like seeing her have more success than me.” – Debbie Hardin, Laurel, MT

“I really do not know why I have a hate crush with my best friend, but it is there burning strong. I just like to see her fail, but I hate being the one to make it better. I love seeing her fail, but I love being her friend, too. I do not want to be her shoulder to cry on. I know this sounds odd.” – Alexandria Amherst, Ashland, NH

“My friend has it all: looks, brains, and everything that comes with these. I don’t hate her and I wouldn’t say I am jealous, but I often wish she would not be so lucky with everything. I just want a little sliver of the pie of her life.” – Mariah Grace, High Point, NC

“My friend and I are constantly trying to one up each other, but not in a friendly way. We go for blood, but at the end of the day, we are sipping cheap champagne together.” – Izabella Gonzalez, South Valley, NM

“I have a strong hate crush on my friend, but she has no idea. One time she was supposed to go to a dinner party where she was being recognized for her work in the community. While she was getting ready I slashed all four of her tires and she ended up not being able to get there.” – Abigail Lisser, Astoria, OR

“I have done some very evil things to several of my female friends. I have caused their boyfriends to leave them, did things to their vehicles, sabotaged job interviews, etc. I don’t know why I do this. It is a compulsion and they never know it is me.” – Mikayla Mensa, Benedict, KS

“We are always starting rumors about each other, sabotaging things for each other, and more. We will be the best of friends one minute and sheer enemies the next. It hurts and we know we are hurting each other, but we keep going. It is like an obsession.” – Monica Kelly, DeQuincy, LA