The Dudes From “Jackass” Give Great Advice

“If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, then one is too many, if you’re not — if you just like sex — then there’s no ‘too many.’”

– “Jackass” star Chris Pontius when asked “How many partners is too many?” by Pontius and Johnny Knoxville gave some pretty on-point and hilarious sex advice to readers. Check out a couple other hilarious quotes, after the jump…

“One of the worst things to happen to vaginas in many, many years is the bald Brazilian look. You need something down there. And don’t clip it all cute. Don’t give yourself a little landing strip. A Hitler mustache is a real mood killer, too. Go for a nice triangle, maybe with the tops of the triangle cut off a little, but have some hair down there, ladies.”– Johnny Knoxville on his pubic hair preferences.

“Tell him to stop being such a p***y. He’s the one who has a problem with it — maybe you should think about who you’re spending your time with … You know, maybe you prefer not having sex during her period, but if that’s what’s there, if there’s dressing on the salad…”– Chris Pontius on getting your man to have period sex.

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