Style Dare: Wear Your Night-Out Makeup Today

I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was in college, but nowadays putting it on is one of my favorite hobbies. I like playing with different colors, testing out different brands, piling on dark eyeliner if I’m feeling intense, rosy blush if I’m feeling perky, and forever trying to master the perfect Brigitte Bardot-style cat eye. I especially love the more intense makeup colors — teal eyeliner, purple shadow, dark red lipstick, etc. — and I think it’s kind of a travesty that these vibrant looks are often saved for nighttime outings to dark clubs and bars. So I’d like to propose a little dare …

Try wearing bright purple eye shadow to the post office.

Swap your nighttime makeup routine for daytime. Seriously, I dare you. No, I’m not talking about piling on a pound of blue glitter and going to work at your law firm, but if you’ve been saving your fun makeup for special occasions, break it out for mundane daytime tasks like grocery shopping or walking the dog. Try wearing bright purple sparkle shadow to the post office one day and nothing but mascara and lip balm one night. Try wearing red lipstick to meet a friend for a sandwich. Try dabbing on just a touch of concealer to go out dancing.

This is also a good way to assess your relationship with makeup: Are you piling on navy blue eyeliner every time you have a date because you enjoy it or because you feel like you need it? Makeup can easily become a crutch, and I think we all need to remember that it’s just pigmented powders and gels. It’s fun to play around with. It’s a fun way to express yourself. It’s a fun creative outlet. It’s supposed to be fun. If you don’t believe me, just try wearing purple lipstick to the bank. Go on, I double dog dare you.