Playgirl Wants The Men Of “Glee”

It’s time to play another round of “How much would Playgirl pay famous dudes to take their clothes off?” Last time we talked, Vinny of “Jersey Shore” got an offer for $30K, which doesn’t stack up to the $100K that Levi Johnston supposedly netted from the mag. Now, Playgirl is after the men of “Glee.” But not just any “Glee” stud—they want Chord Overstreet (Sam) or Mark Salling (Puck). They’d pass on Cory Monteith (Finn) or Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester). A rep for the mag said they would offer Chord and Mark $100K each for a shoot, and assured them it wouldn’t even have to be X-rated.Mark was told about the offer yesterday. “Wow … really? A 100 thousand to keep my clothes on? I’ll only do it if I can take my clothes off,” he said.

Yes! Good idea!

And in an amusing side note, Playgirl would also love to photograph the freed Chilean miners. They’d pay them $10K each. [E! Online]