Lindsay Lohan Sentenced — To 6 Months In Rehab

Good news for Lindsay Lohan! The actress appeared before a judge today for sentencing, after repeatedly violating the terms of her probation set in 2007. Lohan has been in rehab at the Betty Ford Center since last month, when she was arrested for failing a mandatory drug test and then released on bail. At today’s hearing, prosecutors argued that LiLo should be sentenced to six months in the pokey and that entering rehab last month was only to avoid jail time, not because she had some sort of “epiphany.” Lohan’s attorneys countered that relapse is a common part of recovery and that the actress is “trying her best.” Lindsay’s next court date is scheduled for Feb. 23, 2011.

Now, most importantly, is it just me or does Lohan look like she wore a new pair of lips to court today? [Huffington Post]