Frisky Staffers Show Some Love For Their BFFs

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I met Ashley (right) on move-in day for our college dorm. She was wearing a blue and red striped shirt almost identical to the one I had just bought. Based on her obvious good taste, I told her she was going to be my best friend. She thought I was a creepy R.A. An hour later, she found out fate had conspired to make her my nextdoor neighbor. So, she decided to give in and be my BFF. Score! We wound up being roommates for seven years and best friends for life. She knows me so well she can tell me where I must have left my cell phone when I can’t find it. It’s amazing! Plus, she is the reason I eat vegetables, know every word to every Weezer and Blur song, own anything by Alexis Bittar, and have so many good Facebook photos (she’s a photographer). And things got even awesomer when we met Megs (middle).

One night Ashley and I decided to go to a jello-wrestling party our friend was throwing. After watching pseudo-lesbian girls splash each other for male attention, Ashley decided she was going to forget that she was in a silk vintage dress and show the party that chicks can be strong fighters (Hells yeah!). She went up to the DJ booth and challenged someone to step forward for a real match. Megs took up the gauntlet. Although Ashley was the match champion, we both totally won when we met Megs. Megs has taught us the fine art of being true Southern belles, from hosting elegant, champagne-soaked girls’ brunches to crafting fine dinosaurs made from glass. What a woman!

Now, if they ever remake “The Three Amigos” movie, we would be the perfect casting. Megs and Ashley are my besties and while I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world, we all have BFFs we cherish. Here’s who The Frisky Staffers would give the other half of a best friend heart necklace to. And you, feel free to show your best buddy some love in the comments. After all, it is our last chance to celebrate Female Friendship Week!

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