Frisky Rant: Taylor Momsen, Why Are You Flashing Your Audience?

Yes, you read that right. Seventeen-year-old Taylor Momsen purposefully bared her chest in the middle of a New York City concert this week. I can only guess it was part of Momsen’s continuing desperate attempts to prove how unconcerned she is with the morals of society. Or a peek at just how badly she wants to get her whole audience arrested for pedophilia? Your pick. Sources at the concert say that T-Mom had pasties on under the top she pulled down, but for me that still doesn’t change the fact that she crossed the line. And for the record, we’ve chosen NOT to run the photo evidence. I don’t want to sound like an old lady, or like I am trying to make this into another Nipplegate, but this was no accidental wardrobe malfunction and that terrifies me. Yes, Taylor is underage and that makes this whole display not only a poor decision, but illegal as well. Even putting that aside, Momsen is dangerously positioning herself in a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” scenario. If she continues escalating this “I don’t give a f**k” attitude, she is not only going to be on a magazine cover butt-naked in a month, but more importantly she is going to alienate everyone around her.

Between talk of dildos, smoking, and a total lack of concern for her fans, Momsen has already done a pretty thorough job of making the public dislike her. But with the track she is on, soon enough no one is going to care about what she says or does, because everything unexpected will have already happened. It is at that time that I fear Taylor will be in a place where she really needs the attention of the public in some way, and no one will be willing to give it to her because of how she’s acted. It is the same vein of the disgusting “well, she was asking for it” defense. When Momsen needs help the most, I believe there will be no one for her to turn to, and no public to care afterward. She will find herself gobbled up by some kind of metaphorical wolf.

Maybe I did end up sounding like a preachy parent here. I just don’t want Taylor to become a Tila Tequila or a Lindsay Lohan. Do you think I am overreacting, or is this a signal of worse things to come? [Hollywood Life]