Jenna Jameson On Broadway?

Over the past few years, many a Hollywood actor has done a Broadway play—Katie Holmes, Laurence Fishburne, Claire Danes, Daniel Radcliffe, Terrence Howard, Laura Linney. And now we may be adding another name to this list of serious thespians: Jenna Jameson. Yep, the world’s most famous porn star (or is that Ron Jeremy?) is in negotiations to play bar owner Justice in the Broadway hit “Rock of Ages.”She tells the NY Post, “I think I’m perfect for the role … I’m praying I get the role. Broadway has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. I am really excited.”

And who has been her biggest cheerleader along the way? Hubby and mixed martial arts fighter Tito Oritz. We find that last part just a touch disturbing since he was arrested April, and afterward Jenna told Radar that he had thrown her in the bathtub and torn ligaments in her shoulder. [PopEater]

After that last sentence, I feel very awkward telling Jenna to “break a leg.” But I really do hope she gets the part!