Clogs In Winter?

Yesterday, my friend and fellow Frisky staffer Jessica IM’d me a link that took me to these furry clogs for sale on

Jessica: Talk me into or out of these clogs.
Leo: Hmm … out of, I think.
Jessica: Really? I need new boots for winter. I can’t find my old ones.
Leo: Well, a furry clog does not a winter boot make … I then told Jess that while I was all about the clog trend, I thought her choice might be impractical. They’re fuzzy, so they might seem like they’ll keep your feet warm in winter (but you can’t wear them when it gets hot). Yet, they’re also backless slip-ons, which means you risk getting slush and snow all over the heels of your tights. I thought my advice was actually pretty good until I saw today’s New York Times which told me, quite literally, “Clogs are now winter wear,” and pointed out a few suitable-for-winter examples.

What do you think? Are clogs a seasonal or year-round item? Will you be wearing them in the cold months? [New York Times]