5 Ways To Rock Old Lady Style

old lady glasses 10 20 m jpg
Last week I wrote about how to wear brooches without looking like an old lady. Perhaps the title was a bit misleading, because even though it is tough to pull off a vintage brooch without looking like you’re on a nursing home field trip, the phrase “old lady style” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My friend Becca, for example, is a self-appointed master of granny fashion. She always looks awesome in her leggings and cardigans and a cute little cropped haircut. A few years ago she and a few friends mixed and matched granny clothes from Becca’s closet to dress up as a bridge club for Halloween, and she reports that she’s never been hit on as much as she was that night, accessorized with a walker and a fresh-baked tuna casserole.

After the jump, a few more cool ways to rock old lady style. So grab your oversized glasses and read on … [Vintage Glasses, $20]

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