10 Disney Stars Who Tried To Shake Off Their Goody-Two-Shoes Image

disney christy romano jpg
You may or may not remember Christy Romano from the Disney channel show “Even Stevens,” which also starred a tiny Shia LaBeouf. Christy is also the voice of “Kim Possible.” But it seems that Christy is now trying to shake that good girl image. She’s going naked in “Mirrors 2,” a horror movie sequel to “Mirrors,” which came out in 2008. The straight-to-DVD sequel was released this week and, obviously, the reviews are harsh. But everyone was psyched to see Romano’s boobs! I totally get an actress going nude when a role requires it, but you’d think that she could hold out for a movie with a theatrical release at least? [Every Joe]

Don’t worry though, Christy, plenty of Disney alums have gone to extremes to prove they aren’t kids anymore, and most of them have turned out kind of OK! Get ready for some Mouseketeers gone wild!

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