What’s The Craziest/Best Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Seen Or Worn?

Halloween is one of those days out of the year meant for creating hilarious memories. (Or completely stupid ones. We admit that we have plenty.) We decided to reflect on Halloweens past to share some of the wilder things we’ve experienced. After the jump, Frisky editors reveal some of the best and most hilarious costumes they’ve seen—or worn themselves! Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your costume contest. Either way, share your own and join in on the fun!

  • Ami: “I went with a group of friends as ‘America’s Top Model’ Cycle 3 contestants.”
  • Kate: “The best costume I ever saw was last year—a guy at a party went as a blog. He’d made strips of poster board with Velcro on the back and had a ton of pens with him so people could write something, post it on his chest, and he kept them scrolling down his body and onto his back. It was really funny. And since it was at a party, you’d discover an hour after the fact that someone had written a message to you.”
  • Carrie: “Rap Mantis! Or hip hop mantis. Someone was dressed all in green and made mantis arms and a bug mask out of paper, and then wore a gold satin jacket and gold chains.”
  • Leo: “I think I’ll have to go with the time my lesbian Smith College posse went as a rainbow. Each girl a different color and they joined themselves up at the hip.”
  • Amelia: “I think three people going as The Human Centipede is pretty effing disgusting and awesome and don’t think I’m not considering it for my own costume this year. Any volunteers to be the middle and end?”
  • Jessica: “Um, can I nominate myself? In sixth grade I went as a Monopoly board. I made a sandwich board, drew the Monopoly game on it, and carried around a money bag.”