Get Ready For “The Real Housewives Of Miami”

Because there is apparently a never-ending supply of housewives and people who want to watch them battle it out, Bravo is taking it to Miami for the latest installment of “The Real Housewives.” In fact, “The Real Housewives of Miami” has already been shot and is ready to air, but was originally intended to be a different show, reportedly called “Miami Social Club” but unrelated to the failed show “Miami Social.” The series will begin sometime between November and January, but since it wasn’t intended to focus on housewife drama, it’s allegedly going to be a “tamer, sexier show,” which sounds lame. No one watches the housewives for their classiness; we watch them because they have no concept of reality and because, occasionally, someone goes nuts and does something awesomely destructive. And who goes to Miami to tone it down? Miami’s all about bedazzled, tan, and retired people in fanny packs! Hopefully, it will be like “The Golden Girls: The Early Years”! The cast has been said to include Scottie Pippin’s wife Larsa, Miami Heat player Glen Rice’s ex-wife Christy, Venue Magazine editor Alexia Echeverria, PR expert Marysol Patton, charity planner and Roy Black’s ex-wife Lea Black, art scene socialite Adriana Sidi, and South Beach drag queen named Elaine Lancaster. Obviously, Elaine Lancaster is going to be the star of the show and though I’ve never been much of a fan of Miami, it is the perfect spot for a “Real Housewives” franchise since it’s a bit Beverly Hills and a bit Jersey.

I feel like the “Real Housewives” franchise needs a bit of a twist to keep going, so maybe after this next season, they can do “Real Grandmothers” or “Real Housekeepers” maybe? I guess taking shows to Florida to mix it up a bit is a popular move, according to “Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami” and “Jersey Shore.” Here’s hoping that one of the ladies has already been picked up and named a grenade by The Situation! And here’s double-hoping that it was Lancaster! [E! Online]