25 Reasons Gal Pals Rule

What would I do without my girls?! Probably nothing. For reals, my BFFs don’t just make things possible, they make everything fun! And while I probs haven’t stomped around saying “boys drool!” since I was about six, here’s a list that totally validates the whole grammar school “girls rule” theory, now that we’re all grown up.

  1. When you get dumped, she won’t let you drink alone.
  2. She’ll tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth.
  3. She’ll calm you down when you worry that you’re turning into your mom.
  4. You have someone to IM with all day at work … and to tell about the guy who’s been IMing you all day at work.
  5. Her mad style will double your wardrobe.
  6. She will enable your chocolate habit (sometimes even with her delicious baked goods).
  7. She’ll wisely talk you out of texting that guy when you’re drunk.
  8. You never have to dance with yourself when you’ve got your girl with you.
  9. She’ll help you strategize to get a guy to hit on you (my BFF pushes me into them accidentally on purpose).
  10. She’ll bring you soup when you’re sick without judging your bed head
  11. She plays bad cop, so you can play good cop when a new man hits on you.
  12. She’ll totally go with you to the party your crush or ex is at so you can casually run into him.
  13. She’ll do your makeup/hair/nail art real good.
  14. She can tell you honestly how clothes fit you without making you feel like a heffer.
  15. She will karaoke Madonna with you.
  16. She will drop everything to help you find your lost earring/cell phone/mind.
  17. Her advice makes you feel better than a pint of Ben N’ Jerry’s.
  18. She will agree any heartbreaker you call a loser is totes not good enough for you!
  19. Road trips! I call “shot gun.”
  20. She always has an extra tampon handy.
  21. She knows when all the good shoe sales are happening.
  22. She listens to all your man, work, and mama drama like it’s the season finale of “True Blood.”
  23. She saves you when you get cornered at a party by some horny creeper.
  24. She’ll always want to watch “Clueless” again too!
  25. She’ll make you feel better about your abnormal pap.