A Tale Of Two Brahims: Which One Is Madonna Actually Dating?

Over the course of the weekend, Madonna has been accused of dating two different men named Brahim. I don’t know how many guys named Brahim you know, but there actually is more than one Brahim in Madonna’s life. And they’re both dancers! The original gent mentioned was Brahim Rachiki (left), who was the choreographer for Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” tour and also performed second assistant choreographer duties for Michael Jackson’s “This is It.” But other sources claim that Madonna’s actually seeing Brahim Zaibat (right), who’s a backup break dancer from France. After the jump, we’ve untangled some of the confusion for you. [Ace Showbiz]Sources say that Madonna and Brahim (assumed to be Rachiki but later claimed to be Zaibat) went to SL in New York City last Thursday night and were “holding hands in a private area” and “making out in front of other guests.” They also spent a good amount of the evening dancing. A witness said, “After working the dance floor, they found more private seating where they hugged and kissed for the rest of the night.”

After those original reports came out, a source close to Zaibat confirmed that he was the one dating the singer. “They’ve been seeing each other for a few months but really keeping it on the DL,” the source said. “Madonna did NOT want this getting out before she had time to see if things were really going to work out between her and Brahim or not. Things have been going well so she was about to go public with the relationship anyway.”

The news that Madonna’s boytoy might be Zaibat instead of Rachiki is funny because a lot of news sources were congratulating the 52-year-old singer for dating slightly closer to her age. Rachiki is 33 years old. But Zaibat is actually 24, just like Madge’s ex Jesus Luz. [X17 Online, Fafarazzi]

Apparently, Madonna was “furious” when reports said she was dating Rachiki instead of Ziabat, so she set the record straight herself, I guess, by leaving the bedroom a few times to be photographed. On Friday, Madonna and Ziabat were photographed leaving the IFC Theater in New York after seeing the film “Carlos” with a couple of friends. After the movie, Madonna took her tiny dancer home to her Central Park apartment where he spent the weekend. It sounds like the two do a lot of dancing and horizontal gymnastics.

You might remember that Madonna broke up with her last manboy because of the age difference and the fact that they didn’t have much in common. Any predictions for this burgeoning relationship?