Pre-Ripped Tights: I Don’t Get It

Ripped, shredded clothing — from leggings to T-shirts — is definitely in right now. I loved Carrie’s DIY holey T, and this weekend, my friend Lindsay showed up at her surprise birthday party wearing ripped magenta tights. When I asked her about it, she said the tights got caught on her bedpost a couple days after she bought them so she just went with it and ripped ‘em up more. She looked fabulous, but when it comes to buying stuff with holes in it already, I’m not so sure …ASOS is selling these ripped tights for $16.75. I made my peace long ago with the fact that every pair of tights I ever own is going to rip at some point, so buying a pre-ripped pair just seems redundant.

I think Lindsay has the right idea: Use this trend to make the most of those inevitable hosiery rips, but don’t pay extra for damaged goods. What do you guys think?

Tags: tights, trends