MovieReshape Turns Celebrity Bean Poles Into Brawny Hunks

Have you ever looked at an actor’s body and thought, I know he or she doesn’t look like that in real life, while watching a movie, TV show or music video? Well, I have, and I’ve always wondered how they did that. Turns out it’s done by using a something called MovieReshape, which enables an editor to track and reshape the human body through technology. Basically, it starts with a 3-D version of the scanned subject. Then, the editor can use the program to reshape the subject’s body: make it taller, make it thinner, make it have bigger boobs. Set it in motion, and you’ve got a digitally transformed “human being.” It’s really fascinating stuff, and it makes you wonder if one day we’ll need actors and actresses at all, or if we’ll end up following the gossip-filled lives of people who only exist in the digital realm.