Happy Pinktober, I Mean, October!

Pinktober — I mean, October — has been taken over as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worthy cause that’s opportunistically hijacked to promote everything for 31 days straight. Why, just this morning I received a press release from HerCampus.com about essays that six women wrote about their bras sizes “in honor” of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Sorry, what does an essay about your 36DD tatas have to do with “honoring” breast cancer again? I’m not the only one skeptical of consumer pink-washing during “Pinktober” …Check out what comedian Erin Gibson at “Modern Lady” has to say about pinked-out Tic-Tacs, hairspray, roll-on perfume and even eggs where “a portion of the proceeds” goes to finding a cure. Now, where did I put my purse? Better check my Facebook status update, stat. [Current TV]