Getting Textual: Teens Send More Than 3,000 Texts A Month

Teens: step away from the cell phone. According to new data from Nielson, teens send an average of 3,339 texts PER MONTH. At the same time, voice calling is on the decline. Phone usage has decreased 14 percent from last year. More than 3,000 texts a month is an exorbitant number — that’s around six texts every waking hour. And if each text takes an average of 20 seconds, then kids are spending almost 20 hours a month texting. We thought that sounded pretty crazy — until we remembered the endless hours we spent talking on the phone to our high school best friends. So it seems that kids probably aren’t communicating with their peers more than previous generations, but the medium they choose to use has changed. And we’re wondering how many of those 3,000+ texts are happening while the kids are in class?

For comparison, people in the 18 to 24 age range send around half that: 1,630 per month.

Do you have a text addiction? How many texts a month do you send? [CNN]