10 Shows Besides “Mythbusters” We’d Like To See Barack Obama On

Barack Obama is all about science. And on December 8th, he’ll be appearing on “Mythbusters,” the Discovery Channel show that debunks urban legends using elaborate scientific testing. (My fave episode answered this question: Will jumping in a falling elevator really save your life?) In Barack’s episode, they’ll be looking into whether Archimedes could have set fire to the Roman float using just a mirror in the sun.

We’re excited to see Obama on a great TV show. But this one is kind of random, no? After the jump, 10 more television appearances we’d like to see Obama make.

  1. Hello, guest judge on “American Idol“!
  2. Or he could go on “Mad Men,” since he looks awesome in a suit.
  3. Or why not make an appearance on “Jackass,” doing ridiculous stunts with Johnny Knoxville. He could snort wasabi with Steve O.
  4. He’d be a natural on “Undercover Boss,” that reality show were the “boss” of a big corporation goes undercover to meet his underlings and see how/why the operation is failing. Of course, he’d need a good disguise.
  5. Rachel Zoe needs to outfit him and Mobama for the red carpets.
  6. Or maybe just an interview on “The Daily Show”?
  7. He could go on “Celebrity Rehab” for his smoking addiction. Yes, Bam, we know you still sneak cigarettes.
  8. “Dirtiest Jobs.”
  9. Or a spot on “Celebrity Ghost Stories” where he talks about the run-ins he’s had with White House ghosts.
  10. How cool would it be to see him helping Walter White make meth on “Breaking Bad”?

What show would you like to see Obama on?