Twitter War! Chelsea Handler Versus Nick Cannon

We here at The Frisky love our Chelsea Handler. But homegirl does get herself into lots of beefs. We totally understood her feuds with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Perez Hilton. But we’re not so sure we understand her latest Twitter war—with Nick Cannon.

It started out harmlessly enough … Chelsea tweeted, “I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?”

A little mean-spirited, but not really a low blow. But Nick saw it and got peeved. “Wow @chelseahandler I actaully [sic] used to have respect for you as a comic. But for one artist to diss another in the same art form. #Tasteless,” he responded. “Soon as I get off stage tonight, I’m going in on @chelseahandler I’m about to be relentless! OFF WITH HER HEAD but right now I got to focus.”

Chelsea struck back with a TwitPic of grape soda. “@nickcannon pls drink this before you tweet me again,” she wrote.

And at that point, Nick wilded out.

“@50cent was hitting @chelseahandler they was just sharing testosterone tips.”

“Just talked to @50Cent He said he made @chelseahandler get G-Unit tattooed on her balls!”

“@chelseahandler Looks like she got hit in the face with a hot bag nickels.”

“Everyone knows @Chelseahandler had sec with the head of E! for her show. So when its caneled [sic] does he get residual p**sy for the reruns.”

Too far, Nick. Too far. Let’s just hope Mariah Carey doesn’t step in on this one. [Huffington Post]