Justin Bieber Accused Of Hitting A 12-Year-Old During Laser Tag

Maybe Justin Bieber really does have an alter ego. For the second time in a month, the Biebs has been accused of doing something very contrary to his bubblegum-and-puppies public persona. This time, Justin is being investigated for assaulting a 12-year-old during a laser tag game on Friday night. Shawty Mane, say it ain’t so! Apparently, while in Vancouver for a concert, Justin ventured out to play laser tag with two bodyguards. He joined a game with 12 to 14 other people, but not all of them were squealing at his presence. The group apparently was taunting the Bieb and targeting him. Supposedly, Justin got fed up and smacked one of them. After that he was kicked out.

So did our favorite living Muppet Baby really lose his cool? Or did this kid make it up the way kids have been known to do? The Canadian police are on the case.

This is a month after an incident in Maryland where Justin allegedly threw water balloons at state troopers, soaking one of them. The officer supposedly was ready to arrest him, but one of Justin’s bodyguards talked him out of it.

So does Justin need anger management classes? Or is he just being a 16-year-old boy?

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