Chilean Cheater Offered $100K To Be Spokes-miner For Infidelity Site

Last week, Chilean miner Yonni Barrios charmed the world when he emerged from being trapped for two months underground and headed straight into the warm, loving embrace of his mistress, Susana Valenzuela. Now the Tiger Woods of mining has been offered a $100K contract with the infidelity-promoting website, to be the Spanish-speaking spokesperson in ads and on TV. However, the contract requires Yonni Barrios to stay married to his current wife, Marta Salinas, which he does not have any control over. Methinks this offer is just a crock and was only looking for a way to stay in the news. picked the right miner, however: The New York Daily News reports Yonni had his wife, a girl on the side, and a third woman showed up at the hospital looking for him. This man must have the best moves in all of Chile. “He is my Yonny Barrios, mine and no one else’s,” Mistress #2 told a Colombia radio station. I wouldn’t be so sure about that, sweetie.

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