5 Colorful Planners To Add Some Pep To Your Daily Schedule

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[$24, Handmade Bluebird Planner]

My mom loves her day planner more than she loves John Denver, which is a lot. She actually marks the day she is going to buy a new day planner in her old day planner and she almost always calls me from the store, saying, “Ooooh this is a great year for dog-themed planners!” For the longest time, I resisted using a planner, partly because I wanted to rebel against my mother and partly because I wanted to stay loyal to my method of writing things on my hand. This worked well for me up until the day I went to an important business meeting with “important meeting 4:00!” smeared on my arm. I called my mom immediately afterward, sighed and said, “I think I’m ready to buy a planner.” Now I’m a convert.

After the jump, a few cute options I found around the web …

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