Style Lessons We Can Learn From Celeb Kids

kingstonrossdale 101010 m jpg
So everyone knows when you’re a “best-dressed” celeb, you inevitably have best-dressed kids. But no one ever talks about how to take what these kids are wearing and bring them into your wardrobe. Above, Kingston Rossdale, son of power couple Gwen Stafani and Gavin Rossdale, rocks an amazing marching band jacket that, if it were in my closet, would be an everyday staple. Motorcycle jacket?! Yes, we’ve discussed. And jumpsuits: I know you lovely readers have a love or hate relationship to jumpsuits, but, if I may interject, they really are awesome (except when you have to pee). I wouldn’t recommend committing to a bunny or train conductor style, but the ways he’s paired his jumpsuits with accessories — kicks with a pop of color, over-sized hat, etc. — are spot-on.

After the jump, more celebrity kids we could learn a thing or two from.

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