Industry Report: Alexander Wang And Nike Collab A No-Go

  • That Alexander Wang/Nike rumor? Not so true. They were in talks, but the deal never happened. Bummer. Guess if you still want Alex Wang sweats, you’re going to have to pay runway prices. [The Cut]
  • While one New York Times writer admitted earlier this week that the designer collabs and Zaras of the world make her shopping crazed, attendees of the World Apparel Convention in Hong Kong worried that “fast fashion” is killing fashion. [Just Style]
  • Ruh-roh. How did an Yves Saint Laurent belt make it into a Chloé ad? [Fashionista]

Read on to catch up on all the fashion industry news, gossip, and extras you missed this week!

  • American Apparel is setting up a “reservations system.” What do you think? [Styleite]
  • There’s a new video teaser for H&M’s Lanvin collection which lands in stores November 2nd. You can watch it, but will only feel frustrated after. [YouTube]
  • She may not be the newest kid on the block, but New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn is gaining attention for being one of the meanest. (At least that’s what some think.) [The Daily Beast]