Do Knock-Offs And Designer Collabs Give You The “Must Have It” Syndrome?

We all know the feeling of fashion obsession. And often, it comes in the form of something very, very expensive. But has the retail industry succeeded in driving our obsessions to lower-priced goods? With the wave of decent knock-off chains supplying our closets (thank you, Zara and Forever 21), and exclusive designer collaborations, are we now falling prey to a different kind of must-have mentality? This week, one shopping-crazed woman wrote in The New York Times that she’s what you might call a chaser — and a fierce one at that. She explains that there’s “something about the wave of you-snooze-you-lose collaborations between great designers and megastores has unleashed my competitive-shopping side” and that “there is the goose chase triggered when a fast-fashion chain climbs into your brain and reproduces the item you wanted for 90 percent less. Make that the item that everyone wanted. It can drive a woman to the most embarrassing distraction.”

What about you? Do you identify with the frenzied chase for high design for the masses? Or is this lady just completely crazy for spending her vacation in Spain hunting down a Céline knock-off? (Read the story.) [New York Times]