What We Know About Katy Perry And Russell Brand’s Wedding

Russell Brand has said his wedding date is a “massive secret.” And yet, sources are reporting that it’ll be going down on October 23rd, otherwise known as a week from Sunday. So what else do we know about Russell and Katy Perry’s nuptials? A rundown, after the jump.

  • Once it was announced that they’re engaged, Russell and Katy played coy about their plans. “All my dream weddings don’t make sense,” Russell said.”The vicar will start melting. The people in the front row will turn into people from my school. And then everyone will only say the word ‘potato.’ ” At least he could make the last part happen.
  • Way back in February, Rihanna let it slip that the wedding was going down in India. Turns out, that is correct. The couple is tying the knot with a ceremony in an ashram in Rajasthan.
  • But it’s not nearly that simple. Their wedding invitation reads, “Meet you in Delhi in October. Dates to follow. Please allow seven days for this event.” Wait, this this is gonna be a week long?
  • To get their 85 guests to India, the couple will fly them out on a private plane. They’ll also be staying in tricked-out tents.
  • A source who knows details of the wedding said, “Expect the most vibrant wedding of the year. It will be a mix of traditional Hollywood glamour with Katy’s hair and dress, plus Indian touches like henna art on her hands and feet, an Indian tiara and hair brooches.”

  • Another source divulged, “The wedding will be themed, with guests asked to all wear the same color. The only problem is, nobody yet knows what color.” Yeah, they should probably tell people that soon.
  • “We are going to do the wedding naked!” Russell said a few months ago. “All the families will be naked!” Yeah, that’s just a joke.
  • As for the honeymoon, we don’t know where they’re going. But Russell did say, “I might go on a quest of some kind. For justice or peace or something like that.”

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