More Photos Of Battered Rihanna May Be Released Soon

It’s been a year and nine months since the night Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a fight that turned physical, leaving Rihanna with a long laundry list of injuries. But now, an unnamed person is trying to peddle never-before-seen pictures taken of Rihanna in the emergency room. This makes us want to scream. There are apparently four photos in question here. One is a close-up of Rihanna’s left eye, which is bloodied and bruised. Another is a profile shot, where a ruler is held up to Rihanna’s face, showing a swollen area of more than two inches. A third shows her busted lips and several cuts inside her mouth. The fourth image, surprisingly, is of Chris Brown and shows him with a cut on his upper lip.

A week and a half after the beating, a police department photo was leaked to TMZ showing Rihanna’s bruised and disfigured face. Two police officers—both women—were suspended for allegedly leaking the image.

It bothered us enough that a photo was released then. After all, a domestic violence victim—even if the person is a celebrity—has a right to some freaking privacy. But to do it then did have a little bit of purpose—to steer public opinion in the incident and to show just how bad this beating really was.

But now, Chris Brown has already been tried and given the sentence of five years probation, 52 hours of domestic violence counseling, and 1,500 hours of “labor-oriented service,” like picking up trash on the side of the road, rather than jail time. So what will the images do now, except dredge up an old story that Rihanna has worked hard to move past?

What do you think? Should the photos go public? Or do you hope no one buys them?