Ask The Man Panel: Christian Louboutin’s $6,000 Marie Antoinette Heels

I am endlessly entertained by the divides between men and women when it comes to fashion: the differing opinions on the definition of “expensive,” the controversy over red lipstick (is it glamorous or reminiscent of the Joker?), the thousands of times throughout history that women have asked, “Honey, what do you think of this dress?” only to be met with a vacant stare.

So we decided to start a new feature where we round up a few dudes and ask for their honest opinion on an outrageous clothing item, accessory, or fashion trend. Christian Louboutin’s limited-edition Marie Antoinette heels seemed like the perfect first candidate. These blindingly bright and ornately embroidered peep-toe pumps retail for $6,295. Only 36 pairs were made. I think they’re amazing. My best friend thinks they’re ridiculous. Here’s what the guys had to say …Brian, 33: I’m all for high heels but really? Boats? If my wife bought these, I would have a hard time not laughing.

Paul, 31: I like them! They put me in a mind of “Old Arabia” with the saffron coloring and the dainty little ornate heads, so of course I think of “Popeye the sailor meets Ali Baba’s forty thieves” and Aladdin.

Kyle, 22: You could either buy these shoes, or you could move to London for three months, travel to Belgium, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, and the Netherlands, and still be able to afford backstage passes to 30 Seconds to Mars. But do what you want.

Damien, 33: Ah, yes, clearly these are from Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake and then barf it up all over my shoes” phase of fashion. I think I learned about this in school.

Nick, 24: MOULIN ROUGE! Right? Right?

And there you have it.