And These Are Urban Outfitters’ “Halloween Costumes”

This Halloween season, American Apparel introduced its “Costume Builder,” which we found out was really just a way to pass off clothes you already wear as a “costume.” Turns out, Urban Outfitters has also launched a halloween shop on its website, and although the offerings are slightly more holiday-appropriate, it’s still a bizarre mix of items. [Urban Outfitters]

As far as apparel goes, products seem to fall into three categories: 1) I didn’t want to get out of my pajamas but they made me come to this party (animal-themed Snuggies).
2) I’m too cool to wear a costume and I’m totally bored (ironic t-shirts).
3) Hipsters wanna freak kids out (walrus bank robber mask).

Wear a Wicca t-shirt and go as your 13-year-old self fresh outta Hot Topic.

Wear these monster feet booties and you can tell little kids an STD did this to you.

Druggie Snuggie.

Set a good example by going as an anorexic French Maid. Pair with Urban’s hideous “eat less” tee.