And The Prize Goes To … The Best First Set Of Keys Story

Last week, we asked you to tell us the story of receiving your first set of keys in the hopes of winning an exclusive Linea Pelle Suede Fringe Key Chain. You all had some pretty awesome stories, but there can only be one winner. And she is … painted_lady! Read her comment and three honorable mentions after the jump.painted_lady:

“Okay, so my mom was paranoid when I was growing up. Paranoid in the completely contradictory way that only the parents of oldest children (and for a long time, only child – my brother is 9 years younger) can be. She didn’t want to give me house keys forever, even though I had a really busy extracurricular and social life, and she worked some evenings, and my dad worked late really often. I got rides home from after school band and theatre rehearsals in middle school a fair amount, and every weekend was filled with more rehearsals, hanging out with friends, working on school projects, etc, which resulted in my being locked out of the house many times and waiting for someone to get home and let me in. This was mostly during middle school, and it was before anyone in my family had cell phones, so it often resulted in my running across the street to the neighbors’ and calling wherever she was and saying, “Hey, I’m home, where the hell are you?” and then listening to her sigh and groan and then suggesting that things would be easier if I, you know, HAD A KEY. For some reason, in my mom’s mind this was all wrapped up in my being a latchkey kid and therefore my ending up on a street corner someplace. She kept insisting my being able to let myself in was far more dangerous than sitting on the front porch for hours. Anyway, my mom finally realized how much easier a key would be when I was stuck outside one night when the neighbors weren’t home. There was something that spooked me out front, and I ended up running around back, hurdling the fence, and popping the screen – badly, ruined it – on the one back window my dad left open. At some point someone saw a shadowy figure jumping my parents’ fence and called the cops, who then showed up and scared the hell out of me. So when all the fates collided, I was left traumatized, and my mother saw that the *actual* bad things that could result in my *not* having a key were way worse than the imagined things that might result in my having a key, I got a key. And my mother got it for me on Valentine’s day like it was some amazing thing rather than something every one of my friends had had for three or four years. I was 14. Go paranoid mommy, go!”


“My first set of keys… First some back story, when my grandfather retired from his job, he bought himself his first new car in years. He gave his old car to my uncle. A few years later, when I was 12, he got another new car and gave the previous one to my aunt. So I jokingly said “By the time you’re through with this car, I’ll be learning to drive, so I get this car right?”

So, it’s a few weeks before my 16th birthday and I was eagerly awaiting the chance to go for my permit test and learn to drive. My grandfather comes to my house with a brown paper bag and says “Give me a dollar.” I gave him a funny look, but gave him the dollar. He handed me the brown paper bag and I opened it up to find a bunch of papers and my car keys. The papers included the title, the owner’s manual, and everything else that I would need to officially claim the car as mine. Bonnie was a great car that got me through my road test, my senior year of high school, and all of college. She survived road trips, accidents, and everything else that I could put her through. But I will never forget the way I received my first set of keys.”


“I was fifteen, and my dad, godfather brother and sister were all out at the farm. I was told we had to all lend a ha d loading bails of hay onto a trailer. We removed the tarp, and began loading and as we worked our way down the bricks, we gradually revealed a sweet old range rover a few years my senior. Everyone had banded together to paint it with all sorts of embarrassing notes and proceed to bury it. I remember the excitement to this day, and had endless great times in that old car.”


“I can’t remember getting my first set of housekeys, but I do remember when my parents bought me my first car and how they revealed it to me. I was 16, and my friends and I had gone to a concert the day before and I slept over at my friend’s house. The next morning, my friends woke me up and told me my mom was there to pick me up. I went outside in my pajamas, and didn’t even bother to put my contacts in because I wanted to just go back home and go back to sleep for a bit. My friends followed me outside onto the driveway which I thought was odd, because we usually just said goodbye at the door. My mom was waiting for me and I saw this blurry outline of a car that was the same color as my mom’s but didn’t quite look like my mom’s car. That’s when she handed me a key with a red ribbon attached to it and said that the car was mine! I had to get about three feet away from it so I could actually see it since I still didn’t have my contacts in. I was so excited but I made my mom drive it home because I didn’t feel like putting my contacts in! And I went straight to sleep for another few hours after getting home. Later that day I took it for a drive. So getting my first car key was a little groggy of an experience, lol!”