Is Snooki A Pouf Pilferer?

Former actress-turned-publicist Eugenia Wright has made some serious accusations about Snooki’s signature pouf. “I want the world to know that Eugenia Wright, publicist, wore this ‘do before Snooki even thought about it,” she says in a segment for Black Voices. Eugenia claims she’s been rocking that pouf for the last eight years and Snooki must have seen her pictures and pilfered it. Since when can you call dibs on a hairdo? Wasn’t the pouf popular in the ‘60s as well? Also, I think she may be giving Snooki too much credit. If the girl never read a book before this year, how would she find hidden images of this woman (who I’ve never heard of before three minutes ago) and steal her hairstyle? Too much complexity for the Snook. I wonder what Snooki has to say about being called a style stealer? I’m guessing something like “Waaaaaa!” As long as Snooki doesn’t start wearing drag makeup like Eugenia, I don’t see the issue with them both poufing as they please. [Black Voices]