French Lady Not Sorry For Her “Burqa Rage” And Ripping The Veil Off A Muslim Woman

“Burqa rage.” Never heard of it before? Me neither. Women being forced to wear burqas does makes me upset. But a 63-year-old French woman, known only as Marlene, took things too far when she attacked a woman who chose to wear a body-covering veil while furniture shopping in a Paris suburb. When Marlene saw the victim, known only as Shaika, 26, perusing a department store in a burqa, she asked the Muslim woman to disrobe. “I told her to take off the veil she had on her face,” she said. “I grabbed and pulled it.” Shaika refused to remove her burqa and Marlene allegedly began hitting her, successfully pulling off the veil and biting Shaika’s hand in the process. “Now I can see your face,” she allegedly shouted. Shaika, who suffered cuts and bruises from the attack, has since moved back to her home country of the United Arab Emirates; Marlene was jailed for the attack, but is unrepentant. In fact, she thinks she’s the victim. “To me wearing a full veil is an attack on being a woman. As a woman, I felt attacked.” Marlene, whose country has since banned women from wearing a face-covering veil like a burqa or niqab in public, added, “I knew I would crack one day. This whole saga of the burqa was really getting to me.” You’ve got that right, lady. Unfortunately you’ve made Westerners look like culturally insensitive and possibly anti-Islamic wackadoodles in the process. [Daily Mail UK]