8 Celebrity Rehab Runaways

escape lindsay lohan jpg
Ruh roh, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been back at rehab very long, but she’s already trying to escape! Earlier this week, the starlet was caught leaving the Betty Ford Center, apparently trying to sneak into a nearby medical center in order to buy a Coca-Cola. But her accomplice’s clothes got caught on the fence. A source says, “Lindsay and her co-conspirator were forced to give it up and flag down a volunteer, who was crossing the center’s grounds on a golf cart. The pair was safely returned—decaffeinated—to their hall, were they were the center of a process meeting over what they had done.” Apparently, things like caffeine are strictly prohibited in rehab, but Lindsay needed her fix! [Radar Online]

It might be hard to get celebs into rehab to get the help they need. But apparently, it’s just as hard to keep them there. After the jump are a few other celebrity rehab runaways!

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