11 Women Hospitalized For Spiked Drinks At Washington College Party

Scary times: 11 women were hospitalized after being possibly drugged with “roofies,” the date rape drug, at a Central Washington University college party on Saturday night in Washington state.

Police said 50 people attended an off-campus party and many of them began falling over and passing out after just one or two drinks. “Their level of intoxication just didn’t seem to make sense,” the police chief told CNN Radio. A bottle of vodka may have been spiked with an unknown substance and then distributed to partygoers, cops said, because kids who brought their own alcohol or drank beers from cans were fine. Given how almost all of those hospitalized were women, police say that women may have been targeted — possibly for sexual assault. But I was also thinking maybe it was women who happened to have mixed drinks made from the vodka, instead of a drink that came packaged alone. But it’s also possible that someone purposefully made the drinks from the spiked vodka and knowingly distributed it to women, which would be creepy. Only one person was arrested: a boyfriend who was having sex with his semi-conscious girlfriend, who showed signs of having had a spiked drink. The boyfriend was taken into custody for a possible sexual assault, but was released without being booked.

In any case, date rape drugs like Rohypnol, GHB and Ketamine are terrifying, especially since they can be colorless and odorless. I hate to engage in scaremongering because it’s usually women who’re told to protect themselves, instead of criminals who are told not to assault us. But still, I think it’s worth repeating that as long as drugs like these are out there you should always keep your drink with you at a party, be careful whom you accept a drink from, and tell a friend immediately if you suddenly feel more intoxicated than normal.

Oh, and a**holes? Don’t drug people.

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