“What Do You Do?” Week: Lynn, Rad Radio DJ

This week, we’re spending a little time learning all about you and the awesome and unexpectedly cool jobs you do. Each one of these profiles was culled from you, dear Frisky readers, and we’re amazed by the incredible jobs you have. This is our attempt to learn more about what you do for a living.

After the jump, read all about Frisky reader Lynn’s job tearing up the airwaves as a radio DJ.Lynn, 30, Midday on-air personality on WBEE 92.5 “The Bee”

Location: Rochester, NY

Your Average Day: I’ve been in radio for about 10 years, starting in sales, moving over to the business office, and after giving the GM the sales numbers on voice mail in my best “radio” voice for a year, he gave me my own on air shift! Get to work at 9.45 a.m., read celeb gossip and country singer gossip (WBEE is a country station and is #1 in Rochester!), drink coffee, indulge in free food, occasionally meet country singers/athletes/Playboy Playmates, Facebook my face off, furiously read The Frisky ( I get a TON of ideas from you!) — and talk to listeners on the phone! [Ahem … so when are you going to have us on your show, Lynn? — Editor Amelia]

The Best Part Of Your Job: Making listeners and fans smile and laugh.

The Worst Part Of Your Job: NOT making listeners and fans smile.

The Most Surprising Thing About Your Job: Radio is not a high-paying job, unless you’re Ryan Seacrest or Howard Stern. You’ve got to “pay your dues,” and even after 10 years, I’m still paying mine. I don’t do this for the money … I do this because it’s what I love to do.

This One Time: I told Toby Keith I have diabetes. Long story. I don’t actually have diabetes.

If You Weren’t Doing This Job, What Would You Be Doing? Advertising. Believe it or not, I am fascinated with commercials and marketing strategies.

Does What You Went To School For Have Any Relationship To What You Now Do? No … you can get a degree in Radio and Broadcast Journalism, but you can’t learn how to be a great jock … you either have the chops for it or you don’t. I am, however, a full-time student pursuing an Associate’s in Marketing!

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Interested In Getting Into Your Field? Be prepared to go through a complete ego check. You’re gonna think you’re the greatest … chances are, you’re not. Be prepared for late nights, early mornings, and to work with some real jerks. And, be prepared to work your ass off. If you love this business, you’ll find your home!