Krystal Ball: Enough With The Sexy Photos, Let’s Get Back To Business

Krystal Ball, the Virginia Congressional candidate whose sexy photos were posted by a right-wing smear blog attempting to discredit her campaign, never intended to steal the 24-hour news cycle away from Christine “I Am Not A Witch” O’Donnell. But 28-year-old Ball has no desire to feed tabloid fodder. She spent a week giving media interviews and even released a brilliant statement on how she would not let dirty politics humiliate her. But this morning, Ball announced she is back to focusing on her campaign. In a statement released the morning, provided to us by Krystal Ball For Congress, she said:

“I felt it was important to speak out on this issue and I have done so. I believe that I was treated fairly by the media and able to answer to the voters of Virginia. Now they deserve a discussion regarding issues such as reforming government, getting people back to work and improving our education system. I feel deeply blessed to be interviewing for the job of Congresswoman in front of the citizen’s of the first district of Virginia. I will not be granting any additional interviews on this issue for the remainder of the campaign.”

Krystal Ball may be through talking to the media about the sexy photos scandal. But before it fades from memory, I wanted to post this interview Krystal gave yesterday on “The Dylan Ratigan Show” discussing the double standard for female politicians expressing sexuality and being discredited as a “whore”:

Krystal Ball also appeared on FOX News with Megyn Kelly yesterday afternoon, where she made this salient observation about the sexual double standard by invoking Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and his beefcake photos in Cosmo:

“I think that we should look at the example of Scott Brown. He had pictures from the same age as those pictures of me, only he was completely naked, in the centerfold of a national magazine, and it was not even a bump in his campaign; in fact he has even said that it helped him a little bit in his campaign. And I’m not holding anything against Senator Scott Brown … that’s as it should be, in my view, because those kinds of things to me are not relevant to the campaign trail. And I do think there’s a double standard.”

You can watch Krystal Ball’s full interview with Megyn Kelly here:

In both interviews, Krystal Ball handled herself so well; she’s clearly a bright woman filled with character. Good for her for putting this scandal behind her and returning to her Congressional campaign. I, like many of you, wish I lived in Virginia just so I could vote for her:

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