Timberland Earthkeepers Collection Presents Eco-Conscious Footwear

Timberland continues its commitment to eco-conscious footwear with the fall 2010 Earthkeepers Collection–a selection of environmentally-friendly and recyclable footwear. Most of the women’s, men’s, and kids’ shoes feature Green Rubber outsoles, which are made with 42 percent recycled rubber. Timberland also uses 100 percent organic cotton canvas and laces in many of the designs. The women’s styles are made of leather from silver-rated tanneries, which means the tanneries have received the second-highest score for their environmental assessment, including energy reduction, water quality, and waste management. Timberland has also committed to recycling any shoe from the Earthkeepers Collection after the owner is done with them. The shoes are actually specifically designed for disassembly. The leather can be refurbished at a Timberland factory, the Green Rubber outsoles can go back to the Green Rubber factory for recycling, the removable metal hardware can be reused on new footwear or recycled, and the recycled polyester components can be made into new polyester. The owner only needs to register their Earthkeepers online and return them to a Timberland store when done with them.

Prices range from $140 to $200, which is a reasonable price for boots that are environmentally-friendly. Although, I have to admit I’d have a difficult time sending any of these boots for recycling. [Timberland]