President Obama Gets Streaked, A Book Pegged At Him

Brotherly love, shmotherly love. At a rally held by Barack Obama on Sunday in Philadelphia, peeps went a little wild. First, someone in the audience threw a book at the prez. Shortly after, another guy ripped off his clothes and streaked.

So who were these upstanding citizens? The streaker has been identified as 24-year-old Juan Rodriguez. He was apparently responding to a challenge made by Alki David, the British billionaire behind the website, who said he would pay $1 million to the first person to streak in front of the president with the website’s name written across their chest, yelling the website’s name for good measure. The incident was apparently filmed by “The Howard Stern Show” and it looks like Juan made good on all the requirements. So maybe when he’s released from jail, he’ll get an over-sized check?

The book thrower’s name has not been released yet, but it shouldn’t take too long considering that the book he tossed was one he authored. “The book was thrown by an over-exuberant person,” a Secret Service spokesman said. “It wasn’t a threatening thing—the person wanted to give the president the book.” The book sailed right past Obama (see it at :23 in the video), but naturally people are already slowing down the video to read its cover.

Let’s hope that this mystery will soon be solved, just like the case of Cigar Guy.

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