13 Celebrities Who Will Not Be Your Facebook Friend

not on facebook jesse and justin jpg
So, Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg may currently be starring in “The Social Network,” aka the Facebook movie, but they aren’t so into the idea of actually having a Facebook account. Justin once said, “I’m sort of admittedly ridiculously stupid with computers. I don’t have a lot of time between work, and so much of that time goes to watching SportsCenter.” He later elaborated, “I think your life is as private as you choose it to be… That’s the beauty of this country, freedom of choice.” Wait, which reason is it, Justin?

Jesse is clearer on why he only joined the site for three weeks as research and then hopped right back off. “I have to talk about myself all the time, and I’m disgusted with myself, and don’t want to go home and write about the breakfast I tried to eat,” he said. [Daily Beast]

After the jump, more stars who are anti-Facebook and/or -Twitter.

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