10 Logo Redesign Fails

gap new logo 100710 m jpg
I don’t necessarily love change. I’m still not over the fact that Carly on “General Hospital” has been played by four actresses, as if I wouldn’t notice a difference. When I’m handed something non-fat and assured, “You won’t taste the difference,” I sure as hell do. I like things the way I like ‘em, which is why I’m happy that Gap decided to scrap its plans to use the logo on the right as its new branding. I cosign what Annika said in her blog post on the subject: “Maybe Gap should put more effort into designing fresh clothes, rather than a logo, and it won’t have to remake its image to drum up sales.” Zing!

Gap was wise to listen to internet outrage and go back to the drawing board. Even though my feedback is a little late, I hope these other companies that have attempted logo redesigns will hear me out.

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