Willy Wonka Fantasy Gum About To Be A Reality!

Since I was a kid obsessed with “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” I’ve been fantasizing about Ever-Lasting Gobstoppers, Lickable Wallpaper, Wonkavision, and Three-Course-Dinner Gum. The Three-Course-Dinner Gum would have been the world’s most perfect invention in Wonka’s factory had it not turned Violet Beauregarde into a blueberry prompting her dad to scream, “Violet you’re turning violet, Violet!” Amazing news! This fantasy gum may actually become a reality thanks to the new technology that can capture time-release flavors in microscopic capsules.Scientists at the Institute of Food Research say that these nanoparticles may hold the answer to creating a three-course gourmet gum. Tiny particles within the gum would contain each of the different flavors of the meal. These would be broken up and released upon contact with saliva. Each course — like roast beef, stewed tomatoes, and blueberry pie — would burst forth as you chewed harder, only without you having to be juiced by Oompa Loompas.

“I want it NOW!” as Veruca Salt would say. I never thought this day would come. Thank you, Mr. Willy Wonka! [Telegraph]