The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of October 11, 2010

We’re a few weeks into the fall TV season, and a lot of shows are hitting it out of the ballpark so far—”How I Met Your Mother,” “Glee,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “Hellcats,” and “Modern Family” to name a few. But this week, the television I’m most interested in watching is going down on Thursday and Sunday nights. After the jump, see the great shows airing those nights, from the premiere of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” to a live episode of “30 Rock” to the season finale of “Mad Men.”

The Show: “30 Rock”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 8:30 p.m. (EST), NBC
Woo-hoo! This week’s episode of “30 Rock” will be shot live, and if rumors are correct, Matt Damon will be appearing. The cast will be doing an episode at 8:30 p.m. for East Coasters. And then they’ll do it over again at 11:30 p.m. for the West Coast, changing a few things up. So maybe watch both?

The Show: “Nikita”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 9 p.m. (EST)
We were skeptical before it started, but “Nikita” has quickly become one of my favorite shows. This week, we go back six years in the past and see when Nikita was a Division agent-in-training flirting with Michael.

The Show: “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 10 p.m. (EST), Bravo
The “Real Housewives of DC” put us to sleep, so we hope the newest of the franchises will be more interesting. I have a feeling Kelsey Grammer’s ex wife, with her four nannies, will be the one to watch.

The Show: “Monica and David”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 8 (EST), HBO
This documentary about a young couple with Down’s Sydrome might just restore my faith in love.

The Show: “Desperate Housewives”
Set Your DVR For: Sunday, 9 p.m. (EST)
Isn’t it so 2004 of us to be recommending this show? But this week, it’s all about the guest stars. Brian Austin Green will make a move on Vanessa Williams. Yes!

The Show: “Mad Men”
Set Your DVR For: Sunday, 10 p.m. (EST), AMC
Hard to believe, but we have reached the season finale of “Mad Men.” What will be the fall-out of Don Draper’s anti-tobacco PR stunt? Will Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price survive? And how will Don’s road trip with the kids go?