Crystal Bowersox’s Wedding Reeked Of Patchouli

We’re sorry you weren’t invited to “American Idol” runner-up Crystal Bowersox’s nuptials this past weekend. If you were, then you could confirm what we suspect—that there was a drum circle, a caravan of VW buses, and a strong scent of patchouli emanating from the crowd. The actual details just aren’t that far off. Crystal tied the knot with long-time friend and musician Brian Walker—not her baby daddy—in Chicago on Sunday, creating what she is calling “one happy WalkerSox family.” Crystal wore a hemp gown with macramé details that was constructed in a solar-powered studio. Their wedding cake was a laughing Buddha from an organic, sustainable bakery. A reverend from the Chicago Acoustic Underground performed their ceremony before all the guests headed over to the club where the couple met during an open mic night. The year 1969 would have been proud. [People]