50 Great Ideas For Halloween Couples Costumes

Not sure what to be this Halloween? We’ve pulled together 50 fun, original couples costumes. We’re not the only ones who can come up with great couples costumes, so leave us a comment and tell us how you and your partner have dressed up together in the past, or what you’re planning for this year.1. Meat Dress & Butcher (a la Lady Gaga at the VMAs)
Butcher: White T-shirt, white pants, white apron with blood stains (use red food coloring or fake blood), meat cleaver (can be real, or for a safer option, one made out of cardboard and tin foil).
Meat Dress: Take a plain white cotton dress and use red markers to create a “meat pattern” a la this outfit. Wear a long white wig, a sparkly necklace and bracelet, and any other over-the-top, Gaga-esque accoutrements. Read more

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