Who Is Jasmine Villegas, Justin Bieber’s (Maybe) Girlfriend?

Tweenage girls, stop reading unless you want to have a heart attack. It appears that Justin Bieber may have a girlfriend, 16-year-old singer Jasmine Villegas. She happens to be opening for the Bieb on the My World 2.0 tour, and the two were photographed kissing in the backseat of a car at the end of September. Now Life & Style is reporting that, when he heard that Jasmine hadn’t been booked to play his October shows in Hawaii because of budget cuts, Justin offered to pay her way himself. A source says, “Justin is paying out of his own pocket to have his new sweetheart join him. He’s footing the entire bill.” [The Hollywood Gossip, Life & Style]

So, who is this girl?

  • Think Jasmine looks familiar? She’s the girl Justin tries to distract from bowling in the video for “Baby.”
  • Jasmine hails from San Jose, is 16 years old and is half Mexican and half Filipino. [Wikipedia]
  • Naturally, she’s a singer. She was discovered at age 11 when an intern at Damon Dash Music Group heard her signing while walking down the street and brought her in to sing for his boss. She’s now signed to Sony Epic. Here’s her first official video, “Own This.” [Jasmin V Music]
  • Her new single, “All These Boys,” contains these lyrics: “All of these boys got ‘em standin’ in a line/ So many boys keep on beggin’ for my time/ All of these boys I just can’t make up my mind/ Everywhere I go somebody’s tryin’ to be my boyfriend.” Ruh-roh. Watch out, Justin. [Ace Showbiz]
  • Jasmine is also an actress. She’s appeared on “That’s So Raven,” “My Wife and Kids,” and on “The Nine.” She also had a bit part in Kanye West’s video for “Jesus Walks.” [Wikipedia]
  • Her fans are apparently called “Jasminators.” No word yet on what the teen girls who want to auf her have nicknamed her. [Jasmin V Music]
  • Jasmine been home-schooled since the third grade and has spent the past four years touring. [Jasmin V Music]
  • When Jasmine isn’t working she enjoys playing Sims, bowling, and hanging out with her friends making YouTube videos. She also loves her pets—cat Snuggles, dog Chase, and a fish named Mistake. [Jasmin V Music]