Have You Ever Sent Fan Mail? Did You Ever Hear Back?

When I was in middle school I spent most of my free time assembling elaborate care packages and sending them to the Backstreet Boys. I’d stuff manila envelopes with hand-drawn portraits, games and quizzes (in case they got bored on their tour bus), and carefully crafted love letters to each band member. “Dear Howie,” I wrote, “I know that sometimes you’re under-appreciated because you’re so short and your voice kinda sounds like a woman’s, but trust me, I understand you.” To my favorite Backstreet Boy, AJ McLean … … I would always include the following P.S.: “Don’t tell the others, but I love you the most. I will marry you today if you want. Please write back.” Each package received a hearty spray of vanilla perfume and a red lipstick kiss.

I never heard back.

But I really want to hear from you. So tell us: Have you ever sent a fan letter? What did you say? And did you ever hear back?